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How to Get the Best of Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads.


Mapping out your ideas with a content planning brief can help narrow your focus before you begin producing or running your Facebook, Instagram or google ads. Here are 5 questions to help you organise your ideas, messaging and campaign objective.

  1. How would you describe your business to a friend?

Inspiresia Media is a leading digital agency for business support services such as Web development, USSD Development, Social Media Management and Digital Advertising(Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads).

  1. Who are your customers as people?

Customer 1: SME Business Owners Ages 28 – 55, that wants to establish or grow their business online presence professionally.

Customer 2: SME Business Owners Ages 28 – 55, that wants to wants to achieve a specific result via paid Advertising.

  1. What makes your business stand out?

  • We obsessed with establishing & growing our client’s online presence with, &
  • We are data and results-driven.
  • We have Highly skilled employees

  1. What do you need to tell them about your product/service?

  • Best affordable social media management plan
  • Outstanding website development that sales

  1. What is the goal of your Ad?

  • Awareness of our website’s development service
  • Awareness of our social media management plans



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