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4 tips to Reach More people with Instagram Hashtags

4 tips to Reach More people with Instagram Hashtags

Instagram Hashtags might not seem like much of a priority on the surface, but they remain one of the most important aspects of promoting your Instagram to reach more people. Once you start digging into using hashtags on Instagram, you’ll probably run into plenty of questions: Do you know which hashtags are leading followers to your page? What are the most popular tags in your industry? How many hashtags on Instagram do you tack on a typical post?

Without a keen understanding of Instagram hashtags and how they work, they can become #overkill pretty quickly. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Try these tips to guide your use of hashtags for Instagram to grow your audience. Check this post if you need guidance on how to get discovered on Instagram using hashtags


Tips to reach more people on Instagram  with hashtags


  1. Check the popularity of the hashtag.

When you search for a hashtag, you can see how many times it has been used. Combine hashtags with different levels of popularity so you can reach different audiences. For instance, you can reach a very broad audience with #fastfoodrestaurant, a narrower group of people with #abujafastfoodrestaurant, and a very specific group of people with #shawarmafastfoodrestaurant.


  1. Create lists of different types of hashtags you’d like to use.

For instance, create a list about your different products and services such as website development like #abujawebdeveloper  #webdeveloperslife  #salespage, or another set about Social Media Management #socialmediamanger #instagramadvertiser etc


  1. Add new hashtags to your list.

Try typing a hashtag you’ve used previously and see what similar options auto-populate in the search. Keep rotating between the hashtags to find the best mix.


  1. Use Insights to learn how your hashtags are performing.

Tap ‘View Insights’ on your post to see Impressions from Hashtags, which is the amount of views people are getting from the different hashtags you’re using. Use hashtags sets that give you more visibility.




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