5 ways to connect with people on Instagram by Tagging

Tagging or mentioning other people on Instagram can be a way to connect with your community. People that you’ve tagged or mentioned get notified, which may encourage them to continue connecting with your business.


Here are 5 ways you can connect with people on Instagram through tagging or mentioning them:

  1. Tag and mention your customers.

Share photos of your customers using your product or service, after getting their permission. Don’t forget to get their account name, so you can tag and mention them in your caption.

  1. Encourage other people to tag you in their posts.

Having customers sharing photos and videos about your business is not only a good way to create more content, but also a good way to build your credibility. You can even consider including your business’ username on your physical products – like a receipt, a business card or even a price tag for your product, so people remember to tag you.

  1. Tag and mention other businesses.

Think about complementary businesses that you can build a relationship with on Instagram. For example, We can  share a story about web development project and tag the hosting company that hosting providers like @qservers

  1. Create a location tag for your business.

If you have a physical store, you can also create a location for your business. To do this, your Instagram account must be connected to a Facebook Page that you manage. The Facebook Page you manage must have a physical location associated with it. After linking accounts, the location will populate on Instagram. This will not change historical posts that may use an older or incorrect location.

Once you’ve created a location for your business, encourage your customers to add the location on their photos and videos when they visit you in person, so their followers can discover your business.


  1. Don’t spam people with your tags.

Whoever you mention or tag, make sure that the photo or video is actually relevant to the people you’re tagging. Avoid tagging accounts with many followers if you don’t have a relationship with them.



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