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Create a hashtag for your Business with these tips


Creating a hashtag for your business to get recognized on Instagram is very advantageous for your business visibility and Here’s  some tips on how you can create one and start using it on Instagram:


  1. Decide what your business’ hashtag is.

It can be as simple as your business name #InspiresiaMedia. Make sure it is not too long and easy to remember.

  1. Encourage customers to use your business’ hashtag.

Once you create your hashtag, remind customers they can use your business’ hashtag by sharing it on your stories or calling it out in your captions. This way, their followers can tap the hashtag and see other posts about your business.

  1. Follow your business’ hashtag.

Keep track of any posts where people are using your business’ hashtag. Search for your business’ hashtag (eg. #inspiresia or #inspiresiaMedia) and then tap ‘follow’.

  1. Create hashtags for special events or product launches.

For instance, if your company is celebrating its business’ 5th anniversary, you can encourage customers to use #InspiresiaMedia5th when posting. This way, people can check out the hashtag and see all the posts from the anniversary. You may want to check our post on how to get discovered on Instagram using hashtags here


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