How to choose a good domain name for your website in Nigeria

Wondering  How to choose a good domain name for your website? we’ll answer that in following lines.
Imagine there’s a baker named DG who owns a brand called DG Cakes & Bites.

DG has been selling cakes and assorted small chops from his home for years, but now he’s trying to have an online presence, too.

DG has never set up a website and isn’t sure where to start, so let’s help him out by choosing a domain name that suits his business and may attract potential customers. Sounds good?

Think of your domain name as your business’s storefront sign on the web, the equivalent of the sign on a physical store.

An ideal domain name accurately describes your business so it’s easy for potential customers to find. Keep it relatively short, simple, easy to spell, and try to avoid using confusing hyphens and numbers.

It helps to include a recognizable keyword in your domain name. For example, DG including the word “cakes” makes his site easier to find for people searching online for cakes, even if they’ve never heard of DG.

So a domain name like “dgcakes.com” might be the most suitable.

To register a domain name, go to a site like qservers or namecheap to check and see what’s available.

Most domain names are pretty cheap (many can be purchased for under N5,000), but you need to remember to renew yours every year, or you could lose it. Most sites offer discounts if you register for several years or sign up for auto-renewal.

If possible, register domains with a “.com” extension. This is the most recognized domain extension, though you could also use “.net.” If your business is a non-profit, you can use “.org.” If it’s education-related, you can use “.edu.” .
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