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How to Optimise your Social Media Pages for Search Engines

How to OptimiZe Your Social Media Pages for Search engines

Social media profiles are a big part of search results. The point here is that your social media presence and engagement has a strong correlation to your search results. The more fans, followers, likes and re-tweets your brand has on social media, the more love you will receive from search engines. Imagine if you could channel a good percentage of people searching for stuff related to your business via search engines to your social media profiles. How good would that be to your business?

If you go to Google search and look up any keyword, you will get the website with the exact keyword as the first result and most likely their social media profiles. This can be a hint of how important your social media profiles really are.

Anything that you post on social media (article links, pictures, videos – everything) is essentially a part of your content, much like the written words in this article. Like any other content, your social media posts absolutely need to be of high quality and provide value to your audience. This is the first and most important thing that you need to keep in mind.

To make all your posts crystal clear for search engines, try to add a description for articles or alt-text for images/pictures. that tells search engines what exactly your content is about.

Use a clear, catchy description and mix in a few keywords here and there. For example, if your post is about making social media post and includes an image, you can use something like “Ever wondered how to make the most engaging Instagram post at home in just an hour?” and make sure you pay attention to the image’s alt-text, which should read something like “the most engaging Instagram post”.

It’s important to understand that people don’t only use the default “all” results page of Google. They also use videos, images, news and the rest of the categories. If your post can be found easily and receives likes and shares from people (which essentially means that they find your content valuable and you have a social reputation), you will get a considerable amount of love from search engines too.

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